Click on the link below for a list of mental health clinicians in the community who are available to meet with students and their families in a timely way when there is a crisis or urgent mental health need. These clinicians either take insurance or offer a reduced fee. The Fairfax Community Professionals (FCP) committee does not endorse any specific clinician. All providers have stated that their information is current and accurate. The FCP Steering committee does not research the accuracy of information given. If needed, see instructions on how to search within the directory below.

When calling a clinician please make sure to mention you received his or her information from the Fairfax Community Professionals (FCP) clinician directory.

Directory of Mental Health Clinicians


Instructions to view, filter, sort and print within the directory

When viewing the directory on a mobile device you can click on a clinician’s name to open a larger view to see all their information. You can also view the list of providers in a GRID VIEW (all fields are listed side by side on one provider line) or a GALLERY view (each provider has a card to click on for all information). The directory default is in Grid view and must be changed to the Gallery view. To switch, click on “Gallery” in upper left corner, and “Grid View” to return.

You can filter the directory to list only those providers that fit the criteria of your choice. Click on “Filter”, then “Add filter”, and using the drop-down arrow next to “Last Name” you can choose the field you want to filter. You can further define the filter with the next drop down menu containing different parameters depending on the field of choice. Next type in the blank space what you are looking for or click on “Find an option” which will show all options within a field. You can choose one or more options to find only those providers. For example, to find only male providers in Fairfax that work with adolescents experiencing anxiety and depression, click “Add filter”, “Gender”, “Male”, “Add filter”, “City”, “Fairfax”, “Add filter”, “Areas of Specialty”, “Anxiety disorder” AND “Mood disorder”, “Add filter”, “Ages Served” and “Adolescents (14-18). The list automatically removes any provider who does not meet the criteria defined.

You can sort the directory to show a list of all providers in a specific order. The order can be based on any field listed. For example, you can sort the list based on last name in alphabetical order or based on zip code in numerical order. Click on “Sort”, choose “Add a sort”, click on “Last Name” and pick the field you want to use to sort, and click “A-Z” for ascending list or “Z-A” for descending list. You can choose additional fields to sort by clicking on “Add another sort”.

To print a provider listing you can click twice on the last name of a provider, open the individual record of his or her information then right click and select “Print Window”.

Fairfax Community Professionals (FCP) is a voluntary coalition of licensed mental health professionals in Fairfax County.  It periodically prepares and provides a Mental Health Practitioners Referral List to a select number of schools within Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). The listed professionals have affiliated with FCP for the sole purpose of being available to these schools to help students and families who seek mental health services.  FCP is not affiliated with or contracted by FCPS.  FCP also does not endorse individual practitioners or oversee their provision of services.